Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

When working in the building trade, there are a number of steps you have to take in order to stay fit and healthy. This is the responsibility of the individual, as well as a competent and fully-trained supervisor. Working on building sites and using powerful construction tools can be dangerous work if done incorrectly. Here is a quick checklist for anyone working in high-risk costruction environments: Has proper training taken… Read Article →

Getting Trade Prices for your Building Materials

People who work in the trade will often be able to get discounts because of this. These discounts can be incredibly important, as they can reduce the costs of building materials quite significantly. Some trade suppliers will give tradesmen around 30% off the regular price, so this can make a very big difference to your overheads. Here are some ways to find the best trade prices around: Look for suppliers… Read Article →

Aggregates – What are the Different Kinds?

Aggregates are coarse granular materials which are used for construction purposes. They have good binding and draining properties, so will often be used to form solid foundations for building on. There are a number of different types, all of which have their own purposes and can prove useful in various different settings. Sand is a particularly common aggregate in construction. It comes in different consistencies – soft sand is used… Read Article →

Timber Buying Guide

Timber supplies are an essential part of a wide range of different professions, occupations, and hobbies, and once you are involved in the timber trade, you will find it a stable source of income that never goes out of fashion and is always necessary for a particular group of traders. However, professionals in all kinds of crafts require timber supplies for their everyday use. Timber can be bought from DIY… Read Article →

Finding a One-Stop-Shop for all Your Building Materials

Ensuring that you get high quality products is essential in the building and construction trade. You will want to make sure that you’re always complying with health and safety laws as well as ensuring that your end product will be suitable for its purpose. However, it’s also handy when you’re able to find yourself a good deal. One of the best ways to achieve both is by finding a one-stop-shop… Read Article →