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Chrome Tile Trim

  When you are tiling a room in your home, whether it is the shower walls in your bathroom or the counter backs in your kitchen, consideration must be given to how the edges at the top, bottom or the sides are finished. This needs to account not only for the practical elements of maintaining and cleaning the tiled area but also how aesthetically pleasing the finished area looks

Vital Things to Consider When Buying a Glass rooflight

Those who live in homes which have interestingly shaped roofs and angled areas could find that some parts of their property never get any natural sunlight, but having glass rooflights installed could be a solution to this problem, and one which also ensures that a property looks stylish from both the inside and outside. A glass rooflight is very useful. It can lighten a dull room naturally by letting the… Read Article →

Finding an Experienced Rooflight Installer

Fitting rooflights is difficult. There is so much to think about – making the area watertight and airtight, ensuring a neat and tidy finish, preparing everything properly, using the right tools, having enough people on hand to help… the list goes on. If you’ve not fitted a rooflight before, you are best calling on a professional to help you. Here are some tips for finding the right person for the… Read Article →

Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

When working in the building trade, there are a number of steps you have to take in order to stay fit and healthy. This is the responsibility of the individual, as well as a competent and fully-trained supervisor. Working on building sites and using powerful construction tools can be dangerous work if done incorrectly. Here is a quick checklist for anyone working in high-risk costruction environments: Has proper training taken… Read Article →

Aggregates – What are the Different Kinds?

Aggregates are coarse granular materials which are used for construction purposes. They have good binding and draining properties, so will often be used to form solid foundations for building on. There are a number of different types, all of which have their own purposes and can prove useful in various different settings. Sand is a particularly common aggregate in construction. It comes in different consistencies – soft sand is used… Read Article →