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Used Overhead Cranes and how to Buy them Safely

Many businesses and construction companies in the UK use overhead cranes as part of their everyday operation. It is important to save money on operating costs – but what is more important is safety. If you can save some money on a crane, that is great for business, but it needs to be properly regulated and to be compliant with health and safety policies. Finding used overhead cranes for sale… Read Article →

Crane Weighing Scales – are they Necessary and Where can you Buy them?

Cranes and lifting equipment and often used in conjunction with crane scales to weigh the load they are lifting. This can be an important safety feature, as it can show that the crane is not being used to lift too heavy a load. The crane or hoist may have a maximum capacity, which needs to be measured, or there may be other health and safety regulations in place when operating… Read Article →

Electric Powered Pallet Trucks – are They Required on Site?

Electric pallet trucks are used to lift heavy pallets safely and efficiently. They are really simple to use and can be purchased in different sizes to make them suitable for different work environments. If you are wondering whether your site could benefit from electric powered pallet trucks, the answer could well be yes. They are really versatile pieces of equipment that can add value on sites or in warehouses. Basically,… Read Article →

Using a Safety Sling for Working at Height

A safety along is an essential piece of equipment if you are working at height. It ensures that you will be prevented from falling if you slip or lose your footing. It’s therefore important that you use your sling properly and make sure it is safely secured to scaffolding or something else sturdy. If you don’t, you could be in breach of health and safety regulations, as well as risking… Read Article →

Making Use of Hydraulic Drum Trucks

Hydraulic drum trucks are pieces of material handling equipment that can be used to avoid heavy lifting and injuries for staff members. They are used to transport drums and to help load them onto lorries for further transport off site. They have a lifting mechanism so that the drums can be hoisted onto the lorry. More heavy duty drum trucks can be used to lift and rotate drums, allowing them… Read Article →