Used Overhead Cranes and how to Buy them Safely

Many businesses and construction companies in the UK use overhead cranes as part of their everyday operation. It is important to save money on operating costs – but what is more important is safety. If you can save some money on a crane, that is great for business, but it needs to be properly regulated and to be compliant with health and safety policies. Finding used overhead cranes for sale UK wide is perfectly possible, and many will be very safe, but you do need to take some steps in order to check that they will be right for your business.

Step 1: Make sure it is the right kind of crane for you. An overhead crane , or bridge crane, is an enormous structure that requires great strength and durability. It has a travelling bridge and is used to transport loads horizontally across the bridge, using a hoist. It is not to be confused with a gantry crane or goliath crane, which will be supported on two legs – an overhead crane is self supporting and will be attached to something weight bearing. Double check before buying that the crane is everything you expect it to be. If it is you first time buying from a particular supplier, you may want to consider going there to see them.

Step 2: Establish the exact specifications. Once you know that it is the right kind of crane, make sure the size, weight capacity and mode of operation suit you. Check the applications that it is suitable for and see whether these will meet your needs.

Step 3: Research the supplier. You need to know that you are buying from a supplier you can trust 100%. Look into their background and take note of factors like how long they have been in business, the kinds of services they offer and what other people in the industry have said about them. These are very important to consider – a quality supplier means everything in this kind of industry.

Step 4: Check maintenance and servicing. You cannot be too careful when it comes to a crane’s service history. LOLER and PUWER tell you about how often lifting equipment needs to be serviced, and you will find more specific information about the specific crane itself. The crane you are thinking of buying must have a full service history and must have the correct paperwork with it. This should be fine – it is a highly regulated industry, and not just anyone can supply an overhead crane in the UK. However, it is important you check, because if anything goes wrong, it would be your responsibility. In the worst case scenario, someone could die, which is not something that you ever want to have to consider.

Step 5: Ask about transportation. Make sure it will be possible for you to get the crane to your location. Many experienced suppliers will be able to get the crane there in one piece, or pack it up into crates for longer journeys. They should also offer installation if it is going to be delivered.