An Introduction To Ratchet Straps

One of the fundamental features of retractable ratchet strap that differentiates it from other types of ratchet straps is its ability to wind back up on its own just like a measuring tape. Due to this feature, they are sometimes referred to as smart straps. They are available in the market in different sizes and there are specialised cargo companies dealing with goods like these and similar types of goods… Read Article →

An Electric Chain Hoist to Suit an Existing Crane

Buying an electric chain hoist to suit a specific crane is almost definitely going to be a more difficult task than buying one either for a new crane, or with a new crane. However, it is certainly not impossible, you just need to be 100% sure that the two pieces of integral lifting equipment will be compatible and will do the best job for you possible. If you select the… Read Article →

Are your construction materials and tools secure?

For many companies the need to keep their tools and materials for the job in hand secure is essential as the cost of replacing lost or stolen items can be immense and the inconvenience of having to reorder all the materials is a pain. Therefore, it is important that there is adequate security on site to prevent the equipment and materials being stolen. Locking the tools and materials in a… Read Article →

3 Different Types of Cranes

Cranes are an excellent piece of lifting equipment that has a diverse list of potential applications that many would be aware of. Most people‚Äôs experiences of cranes is a fleeting image that they see when they pass a construction site. They are massive heavy machinery that are used to move very heavy goods to very high places in order to facilitate the development of large buildings. However, cranes are used… Read Article →

How to Buy a New or Used Crane

Buying a crane is always a major decision, whether it is a new one, a used one, or one that contains a variety of different parts. The main thing to bear in mind if buying a new or used crane is that it should always be from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. This is integral to the buying decision and should never be underestimated. A good supplier will make sure… Read Article →