Choosing an Electric Wire Rope Hoist

There are many important components when using cranes and lifting equipment, none more so than electric wire rope hoists. These important and versatile pieces of equipment are used to lift loads and complete lifting process safely and efficiently, and they are a good investment for a company in need of lifting processes when going about their day to day tasks. If you need reliable lifting equipment, then a wire rope hoist will be a good choice for you and your business.

What is an electric wire rope hoist? 

An electric wire rope hoist sits within the category of electric hoists. This means that it will operate using electricity, as opposed to being manual like some lower capacity hoists. You can use a hoist for many different things within various industries, from heavy lifting to more intricate and delicate lifting processes that rely on exacting standards. An electric wire rope hoist will usually be used for higher lifting capacities, as they will often have capacities of around 100 tonnes. They are the toughest type of chain hoist and will be suitable for very heavy lifting processes.

The hoist itself consists of the hook, which is attached to the load in order to lift it, and a clamp that will attach it to a crane or other kind of beam or lifting device. There are various different types of wire rope hoist you can purchase, including:

  • Fixed position wire rope hoists. This is the most basic type of hoist of this model and doesn’t use a trolley – it just performs vertical lifts.
  • Monorail. You can move a monorail hoist along a beam so that you have some movement.
  • Crab units. These are for use with large gantry cranes and will attach to the girders. They will often have the highest capacities – they need to for use with these types of cranes.

It is also possible to get more specialist hoists for use in low tight spaces. These may be more bespoke or may be more expensive because they are a more specialist piece of equipment.

Why choose a wire rope hoist over other kinds of hoist? 

The main reason to select a wire rope hoist is that of its capacity. It is the strongest kind of hoist on the market and will be able to lift heavier loads. It may cost more, but it will give you more flexibility in your business, so you should see it as an investment.

Looking after your hoist 

A hoist is a durable and robust piece of lifting equipment, but it will still need looking after. You must get your hoist serviced on a regular basis because it will incur wear and tear over time. You must be aware of LOLER and PUWER and what this means for your lifting equipment. Servicing will help to keep your hoist in good condition and will make sure it is safe to use, which is incredibly important for all pieces of lifting equipment on the market. Check it visually before using it, every single time.