A Summary of Load Moving Skates and their Uses

When you are moving loads of any shape or size, safety is the top priority at all times. It is easier than you might think to hurt yourself from lifting actions, especially if you do not follow the correct protocols, like keeping your back straight. Load moving skates can help you, as they will take the weight of the load and allow you to move it without any strain or exertion on your part.

The great thing about load moving skates is their versatility. You can use them to lift loads of all shapes and sizes and move them around to wherever you need them to be. Once the load is in place and is safe and settled, then you can begin to move it into the position that works for you. They will usually come with a long handle that allows you to direct the load and move it into position correctly with minimum exertion on your part. There will be wheels on the bottom of the skates, with the front wheel being steerable to help you manoeuvre the load, meaning you can move the load into position quickly and safely.

Who can make use of machine skates? 

Load skates and machine skates can be used in a range of industries, by various different people. If you are going to get the maximum amount of use out of them, you should plan how you are going to use them – you will need to have your route in mind, as skates will travel best on a flat surface and aren’t really designed for going up hills or moving over uneven ground. Planning your lift is advisable when carrying out any kind of lifting process anyway because you will get the best results this way and you should plan ahead to avoid injuries and accidents.

Some of the people who most commonly use machine loading skates are:

  • Furniture Movers
  • People in workshops
  • Car Garages
  • People in the material handling industry
  • Warehouse workers and forklift truck drivers
  • Factory workers

The terms ‘load moving skates’ and ‘machine loading skates’ are often used interchangeably. They will usually refer to the same piece of equipment, which gets the name machine loading skates because it is often used to move parts around in factories or production lines.

Many more people in various industries will use skates, so this by no means excludes you. If you think they could help in your industry or workplace, chances are, they can.

Some health and safety advice when using machine loading skates 

When loading the skates, make sure you stay safe as this is the only part of the process where some kind of heavy lifting might be required. You may need to use something like a toe jack, a winch or a hoist in order to position the load correctly and to remove it again afterwards. If you find you cannot position it correctly alone, make sure you get some help from someone else. It is never a good idea to risk injury.