An Electric Chain Hoist to Suit an Existing Crane

Buying an electric chain hoist to suit a specific crane is almost definitely going to be a more difficult task than buying one either for a new crane, or with a new crane. However, it is certainly not impossible, you just need to be 100% sure that the two pieces of integral lifting equipment will be compatible and will do the best job for you possible. If you select the right types of lifting equipment for your purposes, you are far more likely to achieve the results you want and improve your efficiencies dramatically, making an overall difference to your business. 

If you have a crane and you need a new hoist, an electric chain hoist can be a very good idea. It will give you plenty of capacity, usually being able to lift up to 20,000kg depending on the brand and model. A good hoist and crane pairing will allow you to carry out your processes as well as possible, and an electric chain hoist will really speed things up. It is always going to be a more efficient option than a manual hoist, as it will be far easier to operate – and it will be safer as well. There are also many features of an electric chain hoist that you will find beneficial to your business, like the option of dual speed, or the option of having a chain container to collect up all of the slack. 

Ensuring that your existing crane and new electric chain hoist will be compatible 

You must make sure that the two will be compatible, before you go ahead and make a purchase. Here are some of the integral considerations you will need to make: 

  1. The brand. Often lifting equipment of the same brand will be easier to use together. It will achieve a perfect fit when attached and the two will be designed to be compatible. A Demag crane and a Donati chain hoist might not work together and you would need to check beforehand. However, you also shouldn’t presume that because two items are of the same brand, they will automatically go together. This is not the case and you will need to look into compatibility first. 
  2. Functionality. Make sure the chain hoist will be able to behave in the ways you want it to, and lift up the loads in the way you would want it to. This will really help to give you what you are looking for from your lifting processes. 
  3.  Suspension. You must check that the electric chain hoist has the right kind of suspension for your application. A hook suspension is one of the most common, with the hoist easily attaching to the trolley or beam clamp. Other types of suspension include lug, push travel trolley, geared trolley and electric travel trolley. 

Even if you know your crane very well, trying something new can be a risk. Make sure you consult closely with the lifting equipment supplier you select, so that you can find the lifting equipment you require for your business to succeed.