Are your construction materials and tools secure?

For many companies the need to keep their tools and materials for the job in hand secure is essential as the cost of replacing lost or stolen items can be immense and the inconvenience of having to reorder all the materials is a pain. Therefore, it is important that there is adequate security on site to prevent the equipment and materials being stolen.

Locking the tools and materials in a safe place is essential and many construction companies use a large shipping container as a place to store items. These can be fitted with additional locks to make them even more secure.

If the tools and materials are of a high value many companies hire a security firm to provide personnel who will make sure that the site is secure and guarded twenty-four hours a day. This is worthwhile especially if the site is in an area with a high crime rate.

For any work vehicles that are owned by the company, tools and materials should not be left in the company vehicle overnight and it is a good idea to have signage on the vehicle stating this fact as this will hopefully act as a deterrent to any would be thieves.