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A Summary of Load Moving Skates and their Uses

When you are moving loads of any shape or size, safety is the top priority at all times. It is easier than you might think to hurt yourself from lifting actions, especially if you do not follow the correct protocols, like keeping your back straight. Load moving skates can help you, as they will take the weight of the load and allow you to move it without any strain or… Read Article →

Learning to Use a Crane

Using a crane is a valuable skill to have in the construction industry, and it is highly sought after. Even lots of people who are already in the industry won’t necessarily know how to operate a crane. It will give you an edge when applying for construction industry jobs. So how do you learn to use a crane? Usually, it is something you can learn on site, whilst you are… Read Article →

Choosing an Electric Wire Rope Hoist

There are many important components when using cranes and lifting equipment, none more so than electric wire rope hoists. These important and versatile pieces of equipment are used to lift loads and complete lifting process safely and efficiently, and they are a good investment for a company in need of lifting processes when going about their day to day tasks. If you need reliable lifting equipment, then a wire rope… Read Article →

Using Toe Lifting Jacks for Lifting Processes

Toe lifting jacks can be used to lift up heavy objects and transfer them, usually onto furniture movers or skates. They will jack up the object just enough that the moving skates can be inserted underneath, making it easy to use them and transport heavy objects. They will often be used in rail and car industries, as well as for moving heavy objects, such as machinery, around within a workshop… Read Article →

Used Overhead Cranes and how to Buy them Safely

Many businesses and construction companies in the UK use overhead cranes as part of their everyday operation. It is important to save money on operating costs – but what is more important is safety. If you can save some money on a crane, that is great for business, but it needs to be properly regulated and to be compliant with health and safety policies. Finding used overhead cranes for sale… Read Article →