Chrome Tile Trim

When you are tiling a room in your home, whether it is the shower walls in your bathroom or the counter backs in your kitchen, consideration must be given to how the edges at the top, bottom or the sides are finished. This needs to account not only for the practical elements of maintaining and cleaning the tiled area but also how aesthetically pleasing the finished area looks

One very popular method to achieve all of this is using Chrome Tile Trim, which is a very versatile way to finish off the edges and corners of your wall or floor tiling. Using this will not only protect the edges against damage but also eliminates that unfinished look that bare tile edges will have.

By using chrome tile trim to finish any tiling work in your home, you are reducing the likelihood that you will need to replace or repair your tiles, particularly those at the edges and the corners. One thing to consider is that often tile styles or ranges will be discounted by their manufacturer and so replacements needed for damaged edges and corners may not always be available for purchase many years after they were originally bought.

The trims can come in a range of sizes such as 6mm, 10mm and 12mm and generally, can be cut to any length, either at the store you are buying it from or when you get home. L-shaped and rounded corner pieces are also available which can be used either in conjunction with the strips or on their own to protect corner tiles.

As well as the practical advantages of using trims, there is also the ability to create unique and eye-catching features within your home. On a simpler level, they make attractive borders, decorative edges or as a separation between one section of tiling and another. For the more artistic or adventurous amongst you, they can be set at the corners of walls for a great effect and in your bathroom they make for a modern edge next to a wall mounted mirror.

When it comes to tiled floors there are chances here too to create great features. From simple edging at skirting boards, to having trims on the edges of your stairs for a stunning effect. In truth, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and willingness to take a simple tiled wall or floor and give it your own personal touch.

The trims can come in a variety of styles, finishes and colours so you can match them up with most tile colours and patterns in any room. So whether it is a bright shower room with white tiling, a pastel coloured bathroom or a kitchen with brown tiles, for example, there will be a trim to suit.

The finish of the trims can also match the effect you are trying to achieve with your tiles. There are shiny polished finishes as well as brushed metal finishes. You can also choose the shape of the trim, depending on whether you require straight, boxed or a rounded edge.

As with any area of DIY, if you are unsure of the correct product, type, size or shape that you need to buy, always ask in-store or seek the advice of a tiling expert.