Crane Weighing Scales – are they Necessary and Where can you Buy them?

Cranes and lifting equipment and often used in conjunction with crane scales to weigh the load they are lifting. This can be an important safety feature, as it can show that the crane is not being used to lift too heavy a load. The crane or hoist may have a maximum capacity, which needs to be measured, or there may be other health and safety regulations in place when operating lifting machinery and making sure it is safe.

It may also be important to keep a record of the weight of items that are being lifted. This could be important further down the line during a construction project, so the crane operator will not only need to measure the load, they will also need to keep a record of it.

What to look for in scales 

Good scales will meet with certain criteria. They should be strong and very robust, meaning they won’t break quickly in harsh weather conditions. They should also be reliable – test them regularly against other weighing scales to make sure they are still showing an accurate weight. Over time, they may deteriorate and no longer give an accurate reading, so keep an eye on this.

You should also look for scales that are suitable for the type of lifting equipment you use. A small scale might only be able to weigh loads up to 500kg, whilst others may be able to weigh loads in excess of 12 Tonnes. The size you choose should be carefully thought out depending on the loads you weigh. You should never use scales to weigh a load that exceeds their maximum capacity, as you won’t get an accurate reading and might actually break your scales.

Make sure the scales you choose are going to be suitable for you particular type of crane. It will usually attach to the crane using a hook and top ring, so make sure it will be compatible. The scales used for a goliath crane may be fundamentally different to those used with  jib crane.

Where and how to buy crane weighing scales

It will usually be easy to use slings and shackles with the scales, but make sure this is the case before you buy. You should ensure you have a thorough understanding of the scales you are looking into buying, so that you will be able to operate them with your type of crane.

It is not easy to find the equipment you want to buy for a good price. However, the price is less important than the retailer. If scales are expensive, it is going to be worth it if you are getting what you need and what will meet with your specifications. Make sure you purchase scales from a trusted retailer who has all the credentials you would expect from a lifting equipment supplier. See whether they are also able to offer servicing for you, so that you can get your scales and cranes tested on a regular basis and ensure they are still performing properly.