Crazy Paving Stones

Crazy paving stones are a building material which is in use around the world. Usually you find them in garden, typically used for garden terraces, patios or pathways.

Crazy paving stones got their name basically because they don’t conform to any set shape or size. They have jagged, rounded edges which don’t really fit a uniformed type. Building with them, therefore, presents some unique difficulties. When using them, homeowners will find that they can’t really plan too far ahead, they kind of just have to look around for the right shaped stone and use them a bit like a jigsaw piece.

While crazy paving stone don’t really work inside a home, outside of it, they can be an effective way for you to present a more natural looking terrace. More uniformed paving stones can be used for the same purpose, but the effect of their use is a less natural appearance; an appearance which blends in less well with the natural world, which is something a lot of people want.