Know which Type of Air Compressor is Best for You

When it comes to a wide variety of industrial applications, air compressors are one of the most flexible and convenient machines to use. Gas stations, workshops, basements, garages, tool dealers, local home centres, and major manufacturing plants need compressor. But then again, it is important that you know which type of compressor you should use to help you save a lot of effort, time, and money.

Rotary screw compressor

This type of compressor is either oil injected or is oil-free. As a popular type of compressors, this one uses helical rotor screws to suck air and push it on the other side of the rotors. On most occasions, the oil-injected rotary screw is far more common since it is cheaper compared to oil-free ones. They also work with a minimum noise level and provides a good amount of compressed air and are more energy efficient.

Workshop and Industrial piston compressor

As the name implies, piston compressors are more often used in workshops and industrial applications. Piston compressors works similarly like those found in internal combustion engines. That is, air is compressed using a reciprocating piston that is powered by gas or electricity.

Diesel mobile compressor

If you’re looking for a more portable air compressor that is suitable for several industrial or any other similar application, diesel mobile compressors would be a good option. Fueled by diesel, this type of compressor is more suitable for heavy duty industrial application given its rugged construction and performance.

Hydrovane compressors

For reliable, versatile, and high quality applications, Hydrovane air compressors would be your perfect choice. This type of compressors uses sliding vane compressors used in a wide variety of applications due to its efficiency. Hydrovane air compressors also works with low noise levels and are a cost-effective choice for a powerful air compressor.

For other applications, you may also want the quiet operation that Bambi air compressors provide or do with pressure boosters.

Remember, choosing the air compressor that is best for you all depends on the application where you will use it for. It depends on whether you have special needs – would you need a lot of air, a little bit, a compressor that is more energy efficient, or one that works silently?

If you need just a small amount of air, the best types to choose would be the piston compressors. More air? Rotary screw compressors are the best. Or if you find choosing a little bit hard to do, ask the help of experts like those that you’ll find with Maziak air compressors.

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