Spring Balancer Tool Support Systems

Spring balancers are a type of tool support system that help people working with tools to balance them, control them and work safely with them on a day to day basis. They are an integral piece of equipment for anybody who is working in light assembly, packaging, or generally on the shop floor. Indeed, working on the shop floor can post many risks in general, from simple accidents such as trips and falls caused by carelessness, to the risk of serious injury when using machinery, or colliding with it if the set up is not right. This is why items like spring balancer tools are very important, because they will help to improve safety on the shop floor for everyday workers.

In production and assembly, safety is very much a culture and whilst there are laws and regulations in place, different employers and organisations will have their own approaches to health and safety in the workplace. Small actions, such as showing somebody around and giving them a good induction when they begin work for the company. The bigger things matter as well, such as creating the right environment for work and having the right equipment available. Spring balancers are very useful here, adding to the safety of a workplace and providing a useful tool for works to use that will give them more control and work towards reducing human error.

Spring balancer tool support systems are particularly good because they make sure that workstations can be organised more effectively, depending on the duty being carried out, the individuals doing it, and the general assembly setup. Balancers work by effectively suspending tools so that they can be accessed easily and they cannot be dropped either, so it’s easy to see why they can prevent accidents and make things more efficient. Equally if tools are used effectively all of the time, without the hassle of having to find them, potentially dropping them, and rushing processes, then the end product quality can be higher too.

There are many different applications for spring balancers in practice, including:

  • Spot Welding Machines
  • Measuring Machines
  • Compressed Air Machines
  • X-ray Apparatus
  • A Whole Host of Different Power Tools
  • Paint Spraying Equipment
  • Cages

In order for spring balancers to work as intended and to make processes safer and more efficient, the right ones do also need to be used. They can hold weights of up to 300kg, but they might also hold weights as low as 0.5kg so it’s very important to know that they’re not a product that will cover all bases. Check capacities carefully and use the right spring balancers per the application and the weight capacity.

Spring balancers can improve the working environment for anything from a foundry to a manufacturing plant, for anything from light bench work to industrial applications. They can be used very effectively when employed properly, as with anything in the lifting industry and material handling industry. Proper usage can speed up processes, reduce risks to staff and make jobs simpler to do.