Using the Right Lintels for Your Project

Lintels can be important in terms of structure or decoration. Depending on the nature of the project you’re carrying out, you’re going to have different requirements for the lintels which you decide to use. Here is a summary of the ways in which you can choose the right lintels for your project.

Consider the wall construction. You might have a cavity wall, a timber frame, a solid wall, a wall with an internal partition, a single leaf wall or an external solid wall. The type of wall which is present will dictate the kind of lintel you need to use.

How much weight needs to be supported? What will be supported? You might have to take into consideration weight from masonry, roof loads and floor loads.

What is the size of the area? Will you need a longer or shorted lintel? This will, of course, depend on the distance between the masonry supports. Different materials are available in different lengths.

Some lintels won’t need to bear any load and won’t be in any way structural. People sometimes choose them for decorative purposes, for example, in a loft room or another room within a home. These will often be made of wood, though as they’re not weight bearing, you’ll have plenty of flexibility in your decision.