Using the Right Rooflight Fittings

Health and safety is of paramount importance, both when working on site and within the finished building. Fitting rooflights can be a dangerous job if done incorrectly so you will need to ensure you follow all instructions perfectly and do everything required of you to avoid accidental damage, or even injuries.

It’s essential that you use the correct equipment to fit rooflights. You should be able to get everything that you need very easily from retailers specialising in building materials and construction tools. There should be detailed instructions outlining what you will need to fit the product properly. If you ever have any doubts, double check with the rooflight seller or the manufacturer to find out the exact requirements.

The fixings you will require will also depend on the materials that the rooflight is being fitted into. For example, laplock screws are used for securing rooflight overlaps to steel or fibre cement roofing sheets, and woodtek screws can secure rooflights to timber.

As well as checking the material of the roof, make sure that you’ve got the right specification – there are many different lengths of the same types of screw. This is important both in making sure that the structure is safe as well as for making it watertight.