What are Fork Truck Extensions and How Do They Work?

Any kind of lifting or load moving equipment, fork lift trucks included, need to be used to their full potential to make the most out of them. This is because they do not come cheaply and must be versatile to get full value from them. Fork truck fork extensions are used to make one single fork lift more accessible, so that it is possible to carry out a greater number of lifts with just the one piece of equipment. In this sense, they can make forklift trucks more versatile and useable, and they can also save costs on having the buy other pieces of equipment.

Fork truck extensions are very valuable, but they don’t necessarily cost too much. This is also one of their key benefits: they offer more, without being expensive or costing the organisation too much money. It is very simple to attach these kinds of extensions to an existing forklift truck, so that it can carry out a greater number of lifts and move loads of different sizes and shapes.

How do fork truck extensions work? Are they easy to use?

Fork truck extensions are very easy to use and can be attached and put to use very quickly. This also means they can be detached just as easily, so the forklift truck can be used in any way that is most useful for current operations.

Fork truck extension arms usually have heel pins (often zinc or metal plated) which allows them to be attached safely and securely. They can be used to lift and move loads of all kinds of shapes and sizes, as the forks themselves will be attached very robustly. The kinds of forks available do vary in quality, but for the most part, they are very high quality – as long as you are buying forks from a reputable brand, you can rely on them being of a very high quality.

Buying fork truck fork extensions that will be suitable for your loads and compatible with your existing equipment

Different forks will be compatible with different forklifts and brands. It is very important to buy the type that will be compatible with your forklift truck, that will bolt on easily and can be relied on for safety and security. Always check the specifications when you are buying the fork truck extensions to ensure that they will be the right ones for you and your equipment.

If you are ever unsure, check with the manufacturer of the fork extensions. There are various safety standards and rules that should always be adhered to. For example, there should usually not be a larger overhang than 66%, because this will be detrimental to the lift you are carrying out. If you need a fork that is longer or that carries more weight then you might need to reconsider how you are going to be lifting and moving it, and think about adopting a different method instead of using the intended forklift truck and fork truck extensions for the job.